History of heritage

Passion, tradition and creativity distinguish la Pavoni. Since 1905 espresso coffee machines, the company mission for more than 100 years of history identify la Pavoni in the world.
La Pavoni , over its history, has decided to focus on one main category , and to do it in the best way. La Pavoni coffee machines have never followed mass market criteria, but it has always guaranteed high-quality products, a quality acknowledged worldwide.
The ability to produce highly competitive machines from a technological point of view has always gone hand in hand with a great care for their appearance, ever since the production of the earliest models.

Milan, 1905. In a small workshop in Via Parini, the engineer Mr Desiderio Pavoni was working on the project of what was to become the first bar coffee machine. Our monograph, which was conceived with the purpose of celebrating this significant anniversary, is designed to illustrate the crucial stages of this Pavoni adventure that is now one hundred years old.

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