High performance with Semi Professional Machines

The Semi Professional range of models are Espresso coffee machines created to meet the needs of the most demanding enthusiasts, creating the atmosphere of an Italian coffee bar in your kitchen.

As well as their unique design, they offer professional performance in a compact size, ideal for those who want a real Espresso coffee as creamy as that from the best Italian coffee bars.

The Semi Professional models provide the highest levels of control over brewing and offer exceptional performance thanks to the boiler temperature control which guarantees thermal stability of the water dispensing on the basis of the different coffee blends, and for the steam supply.

Some models also offers an advanced Brewing Pressure Profiling Control (BPPC) system, which allows real-time control over the water pressure acting on the coffee during brewing, obtaining perfect end results with all coffee blends.

The pressure gauge on the group head allows the brewing pressure profile of the espresso to be read at any time. The top-of-the-range models are equipped with PID temperature regulation, allowing the user to program the boiler temperature for perfect brewing at 92° C, the temperature which is considered optimum to extract the best characteristics from the coffee grounds.

La Pavoni’s Semi Professional machines are designed for those who are not content to drink any old coffee, but rather demand one served at the perfect temperature – this is why they are equipped with large cup warmers to keep the cups at the right temperature.

Some Semi Professional models can be fed both from an internal water tank and from a direct feed from the water supply, allowing continuous, interruption-free brewing.